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22 September 2016 @ 11:55 pm
I wrote this in English first and translated it to Esperanto after, but figured I might as well use it as an excuse to update the comm anyway! It's a Legend of The Galactic Heroes drabble, the translation's linked on the page. Contains spoilers.

17 May 2016 @ 12:10 pm

I was looking at the old prompts on comment_fic and decided to fill a Hetalia one, so here it is!

»He mi bedaŭras, ĉu ne? Vi jam plendis tra plena septago,« Usono kri'murmuras, botoj polurataj sur la raditablo, ŝnuretoj ellasaj. La akra odoro de la poluro ne iam neniiĝos, danke al la fermataj, ŝlositaj fenestroj. Anglo apogas sin kontraŭ la librarejon, kiu ŝajne tenas pli kristismojn ol antaŭtempe, kaj kovras la nazon per tuko; ostblanka kun bluaj floretoj, kiujn li ornamentis mem.

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"Look, I'm sorry alright? You guys've already complained for a whole week," America stage-whispers, polishing boots on the radio-table, shoelaces removed. The sharp odor of the shoe-polish at no time disappears, thanks to the closed, locked windows. England leans against the bookshelf which seemingly houses more Christian-isms than it did before, and covers his nose with a handkerchief; bonewhite with small, blue flowers, which he embroidered himself.

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Untranslateable part:

The joke is that he's doing the extremely American mistake of not using a certain wordform ("accusative case") so when he says "I started listening to you" and "the melody really copies me", it's just as likely that he's saying "You started listening to me" and "I'm definitely copying the melody".

12 March 2016 @ 10:07 am

..... It's a work in progress...

marombrelo = sea-umbrella = tentacool.
kamprato = field-rat = rattata.

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kinda useless to put a translation for a fic that's nowhere near finished yet, but i translated part of it for ushobwri so i might as well put it here too:

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29 January 2016 @ 04:06 pm
I started it earlier this week but only have a vague idea of where I'm going with it, as usual.... figured it's better to have more posts on this comm than less!

Akiro rigardas plisupre, kolo turnetis al Rio, okulhararoj dolĉe kurbantaj kiel nigraj bukletoj. La spiro ĉe li forkliniĝas ĝis ne ankoraŭvarmige, kiam Rio nesubite ekstaras per plimalkurba dorso.
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Akira looks upwards, neck turned towards Ryo a little, eyelashes curved sweetly like little black curls. The breath by his side leans away until it no longer warms him, when Ryo slowly begins to stand with a straighter back.

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(More translation to come later, but the Esperanto is still just a WIP draft as well)
26 January 2016 @ 12:01 pm
We now have 8 members! If you want to, please introduce yourself here and say what kinds of series you like or which languages you're learning!

You don't have to write in English!
25 January 2016 @ 11:56 am

I tried to write something for empire--for--you on Tumblr who likes Hetalia and Norway, and slightly combine it with something for joltkun... I was going to try and "translate" it to Norwegian with the help of a dictionary but on second thought I can't be bothered!!

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leder (joints) --> läder (leather)
ogilla på ansiktet --> ogillande ansikte (participle + noun = better; "expression" is usually beter than saying "face" anyway)

24 January 2016 @ 11:52 am
Er... hi! I am super new to LJ and stuff so...
Anyway, I wrote this super mini drabble for a holiday writing challenge and it's really bad but whatever.
Corrections welcome!

Fandom: Hetalia
Paring: LietPol

Il suo amico è ricoperto totalmente di tinta. Bianca e rossa, azzurra, verde, nera - la tinta è alla dita e alla faccia e agli vestiti e agli capelli.
“Vieni e guarda, Licia! È bellissima, no?”
“Sei sudicio,” Lituania dice. “Che cosa facevi?”
“Pitturavo il muro. Gli guarda!”
Guarda. Il muro è non più bianco. La bandiera di Polonia con una aquila; Lituania sospira e sorride.
“Sei molto vanesio, Pol!”
Gli occhi verde di Polonia sono calmi. “Lo so,” dice casualmente. “Comunque– adesso, non mi dimenticheranno nessuno, no?”
“Io non ti dimenticherei mai,” Lituania dice senza riflettere, e Polonia ride.
“Lo so.”

His friend is completely covered in paint. White and red, light blue, green, black - the paint is on his fingers and on his face and on his clothes and in his hair.
"Come and see, Liet! It's beautiful, huh?"
"You're filthy," Lithuania says. "What were you doing?"
"I painted the wall. Look at it!"
He looks. The wall is no longer white. The flag of Poland, with an eagle; Lithuania sighs and smiles.
"You're very vain, Pol!"
Poland's green eyes are calm. "I know," he says casually. "Anyway-- now, no one will forget me, right?"
"I would never forget you," Lithuania says without thinking, and Poland laughs.
"I know."
24 January 2016 @ 05:40 pm

This community is for posting fanfics or original fiction that you've written in a foreign language — or for asking about them. See the profile page for more detailed info, but the rules aren't strict here.

You don't need to post a translation alongside your fic, but if you want corrections it'll help. This community is not specifically for asking for corrections, so if you do want corrections, please write it clearly in your post.

The layout is currently in progress!

Tumblr tag is "langfic". I'll create an AO3 community if people want.